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'Ha Ha': Winning Fun Embroidery for Textile Design Student
Friday, 16 September 2011
   Sabrina Shirazi, due to start her final year in BA(Hons) Textile Design, has been awarded the prestigious Hand and Lock 2011 second prize for embroidery. Hand and Lock in London is a traditional embroidery establishment, which originated in the 18th Century. It remains a leader in the embroidery world, renowned for being commissioned by a number of Royals to make distinctive embroidered gowns as well as working for fashion industry leaders such as Christian Dior.
The aim of the annual prize, open to students Worldwide, is to promote the use of hand embroidery within the fashion and costume industries. Applicants had to choose from four categories with an overriding rule of ‘waste not want not',  by recycling old and refused items into the final garment. ‘For Fun' was the category chosen by Sabrina and she concentrated on laughter and the emotional reaction of ‘fun' as the key element of her work. Sabrina explained, "I designed sequins from ‘Ha' lettering so that people could 'hear' the sound of laughter when they see the piece".
The teaching and facilities at UCF allowed her to incorporate techniques such as: vac-forming recycled plastics to make her own sequins; the freedom to consider piping as an unconventional alternative material for beading alongside traditional embroidery techniques; and manual print to create a contemporary expression of embellishment. Sabrina's prize winning garment was her first embroidery piece.
Textile Design tutor, Hannah Maughan, stated, "I believe the competition is of value because it focuses on hand embroidery, encouraging students to engage in and maintain this traditional skill whilst at the same time challenging them to reinvent, contemporise, and make it relevant to a modern audience. Sabrina's work does just that; I am delighted that her talent has been recognised by the industry."
The Textile Design programme at UCF has for many years been supporting the Hand and Lock Prize for Embroidery and with great and regular success. Past winners of the top prizes include Laura Shambrook, Alice Richardson, Victoria Geary and Sara Lowes.
Sabrina's work can be viewed on her blog and on the Hand and Lock 2011 website

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